Katie Reynolds was first inspired to experiment with wood design upon returning home to Victoria, Canada after several years living in London, UK. Leaving the big city and reconnecting with nature on Vancouver Island, Katie found wood the perfect medium to express her desire to create, crafting physical objects both artistic and functional. All pieces are hand built using both new and found materials.

Arrow + Wander is about taking aim, seeing what's out there and what you can make happen.

To keep up on the latest works from Arrow + Wander as well as Katie's Pacific Northwest adventures, follow along on Instagram: @arrowandwander

For inquiries/commissions, email katie@arrowandwander.com. If there is a piece on the site that isn't in the shop, or that you would like in a different size, or if there is something you would like custom made, please email Katie.

For orders outside of Canada, please email katie@arrowandwander.com to calculate shipping costs.